The origins of Game Conservancy USA in 1985 arose from conversations between members of the Game Conservancy Trust (GCT) (UK) and B.Z. Lee, founding president of the organization, initially called American Friends of the Game Conservancy (AFGC). Mr. Lee met with GCT Vice-Chairman The Earl Peel, Director Richard Van Oss, and member Michael Bowman-Vaughn in both the UK and in Dallas Texas to discuss the creation of a US charitable organization that could increase donations to GCT by providing US supporters with the benefit of making their donations tax deductible in the United States.



In 1998, AFGC moved to Vero Beach, Florida, and the Board elected to change the name to Game Conservancy USA (GCUSA), to reflect the organization’s commitment to conservation in the US, as well as in the UK. While financial support continued to be directed primarily to the research efforts of the GCT, there was growing interest in the application of that research to US projects, specifically the maintenance of the Great Plains Pheasant, Southeast Quail, and Alaska Spruce Grouse.



In 1999 GCUSA moved it headquarters to Connecticut, where it remains. GCUSA continues to direct its financial support to the GCT, renamed The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), with membership and fundraising efforts focused primarily on generating interest amongst the numerous shooting clubs in the New York and New England metropolitan region. It is important to note, however, that the GCUSA membership extends across the U.S. and is open to all people sympathetic to the mission of prudent game, wildlife and habitat management, and who appreciate the relevance of the GWCT's important research to game and wildlife conditions worldwide.



Each year, in November, GCUSA hosts a major sporting auction in New York, with exciting lots from around the world and including some of the most exclusive driven grouse and partridge shooting available in the UK, along with the opportunity to stay in some very prestigious, stately, and private homes. Additionally, GCUSA hosts sporting events in the New York metropolitan region, augmented by social occasions and informational events sponsored by the Board of Trustees.




The mission of Game Conservancy USA (GCUSA), is to promote the conservation of game and wildlife and their habitats worldwide, primarily through the support of the research and educational initiatives of the United Kingdom’s Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).


The GWCT (www.gwct.org.uk) is the leading UK charity conducting practical research into the enhancement of the countryside for the public benefit, employing over 60 research scientists whose focus is the following objectives:


  • To promote for the public benefit the conservation of game and its associated flora and fauna;


  • To conduct research into game and wildlife management (including the use of game animals as a natural resource) and the effects of farming and other land managemen practices on the environment, and to publish the useful results of such research;



  • To advance the education of the public and those managing the countryside in the effects of farming and management of land which is sympathetic to game and othe wildlife;



  • To conserve game and wildlife for the public benefit including: where it is for the protection of the environment, the conservation or promotion of biological diversity through the provision, conservation, restoration, or enhancemen of a natural habitat; or the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat





Mr. Ronald N. Beck - President

Mr. John M.B. O’Connor - Treasurer
Mr. John A. Cahill - Secretary



Board of Trustees

Mr. George W. Banks II

Mr. Ronald Beck

Mr. Donald G. Calder

Ambassador Edward E. Elson

Mr J. Pepe Fanjul

Mr. Randall A. Greene

Mr. David L. Goodman

Mr. Frank A. Miller

Mr. Kyle R. Miller

Mr. Ralph Morgan

Mrs. Janet Crawford Nolan

Dr. Alfonso Lledo-Perez

Mr. Mark V. Rickabaugh

Mr. David G. Santry

Mr. Edward L. Shugrue III

Mr. Aidan J. Synnott

Mr. William T. Vogt, Jr.

William C. Winget


Advisory Committee


Mrs. Teresa Dent

Chief Executive GWCT

The Hon. Philip Astor

Mr. Chris Batha

Dr. John Carroll

Mr. Andrew W. Christie-Miller

Mr. Duncan Clark

Mr. Charles W. Conger

Mr. Richard Purdey