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HRH Prince Philip's many contributions to the Game Conservancy as its Patron are detailed in the June 2021 issue of The Field.

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Read GCUSA Advisor Ian Coghill's update on current UK conservation challenges. Click here.


Photo by Laurie Campbell.

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GCUSA's 34th Annual Auction in support of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust will be held as a virtual, live event on Monday December 7th at 7:00 PM.

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Ian Coghill reports on "The Battle for the Uplands" in the April 20th, 2020 edition of The Field. Reprinted with the kind permission of the author and publisher ."

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Change in leadership at GCUSA; An interview with former President Bruce D. Sargent and incoming President Ronald N. Beck.



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Dr Adam Smith: Grouse moors can play a big part in saving the threatened curlew


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An update on Game Conservancy's most recent grey partridge restitution efforts appeared in the December 17th, 2016 issue of the Western Daily Press. Click here to read the article.

Read GWCT Advisor Austin Weldon 2015 update on the recent success at the Allerton Project. Click on the image.

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GWCT's Woodcock Watch profiled in Shooting Sportsman magazine - click here.



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Grey Partridge restoration efforts profiled in the July 17th 2013 issue of Shooting Times.


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An update on GCUSA and GWCT appears in the Oct/Nov issue of the The Virginia Sportsman. To read the full article click here.



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Read about two ongoing GWCT field projects supported through financial contributions to GCUSA:

The August 8th, 2012 issue of Country Life Magazine reports on grouse recovery efforts spearheaded by GWCT. 


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GWCT's influence on moorland and grouse management issues explained in the November 26th issue of "The Scotsman". Click here to read the article.

GCUSA and GWCT profiled in Virginia Sportsman



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